Upcoming events

12-14  September, 2022

ML techniques for IoT, security threat prediction, and threat prevention

Understanding how to use existing Machine Learning techniques (Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning) and   Libraries   to   implement   make   a machine Learning model. Design an ML model to distinguish between IoT and non-IoT   devices.   Understanding   how   we   use   machine   learning to predict malware and benign files. 

Understanding the development and deployment of machine learning models for detecting IoT DoS and DDoS Attacks.  ML-specific Threats and their Mitigations” provides details on specific attacks as well as specific mitigation steps used today to protect products and services against these threats.

24-26 October, 2022

How to do attack surface mapping and preparation of attack surface list for IoT systems

The goal of this workshop is to provide the attendees with the basic knowledge of IoT attacks vulnerabilities and risks and to give them basic understanding of how they can protect their IoT systems.

Specifically, network attack surface mapping will be covered with demonstration of examples. In addition to that they will get to know about the importance of securing the IoT attack surface areas. This learning will aid them in securing their IoT system by keeping in mind the IoT security goals.

21-23 November, 2022

Ethical hacking of IoT devices

  • A basic knowledge of IoT hacking and how IoT devices are designed to
    work and how to protect your infrastructure with these devices coming
  • Plan a vulnerability assessment  and   penetration   test  for   IoT 
  • Execute an offensive penetration test using standard hacking tools in an ethical manner.
  • Finally performing offensive ethical attacks against IoT devices.


16-18 August, 2022

Implementation of security mechanisms/protocols with different layers of IoT protocol

  • Understanding of Implementation of security mechanisms/protocols with different layers of IoT protocol 
  • Understanding security   challenges   posed   by   the   Internet   of   Things (IoT) systems, including IoT devices, IoT protocols, and their vulnerabilities
  • Understanding of OneM2M Architecture Based Secure MQTT Binding in Mbed OS
  • Understanding   of   Minimalist   Implementation   of   oneM2M   Security   Architecture   for Constrained IoT Devices

8 October, 2021

IoT as internet of threats

  • Understanding of IoT Attack Vector, emerging threats, security challenges.
  • Threat modeling for IoT Attacks identification & Mitigation.
  • Malware Analysis Tools/ Techniques & Technologies.
  • Machine Learning for IoT Security.
  • Firewall and IoT Security Solutions.

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