Control Your Family's Health

Children often prefer to self-rule when it comes to games, watching cartoons/movies, social media and messaging. Working parents are usually not well equipped to set the proper boundaries when it comes to the right usage of the internet and the time they spend. 

In absence of both mum and dad, kids are left to their devices, and screen-time spirals out of control.

Watch out for the red flags

When to monitor the screen-time of your child? If your child is crabby and you don’t want to scold him upon using the internet. He spends extra time on the internet when you are not with him. You are observing that he is not punctual to their studies and meal. Also, you want to monitor his internet activities and to stop/reduce them. These are all handwriting on the wall.

Depending on your circumstances, you may find that you’re faced with balancing work, parenting, and even schooling all during the course of a day. You’re attempting to do the work of several full-time jobs at once. Sofia, in her mid-thirties, is the true picture of this scenario – a working mom of her three children with ages between 9 and 4. She works as a university professor in the morning shift. Driving back home in the evening through the noisy traffic of Lahore – when she expects a few moments of peace – some other stories await her attention. Contrary to her expectations of focusing on their academics and a healthy routine, her children were mostly glued to their gadgets spending hours and hours on their favorite TV serials, games, and messaging. This also leads to an irregular eating pattern and distorted sleeping habits. Not to mention, this routine merely leaves any room for healthy activities.


How much screen time is enough?

Between, does it matter to take control of your children’s screen time in the first place? According to research published by NIH, unrestricted screen time can increase the risk of depression, myopia, back and neck pain, loneliness, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and harassment.

On another note, spending all the leisure time glued to the screen takes its toll by snatching away the time your children could spend in healthy activities like sports and building connections with you.

Worried about the academic performance of her children and the related issues, Sofia’s struggling to find a way out. Her husband – working with a freight management company in a variety of odd timings round the clock – is unable to help either due to his time constraints.

Managing her children’s screen-time is a matter of deciding the quantity of time as well as the nature of the content they should be allowed to see and which will be blocked – including television, mobile apps, games, websites, or social media. Not being much tech-savvy, she’s unable to probe much into the activities performed on the gadgets in her absence. Even if she’s capable, it will add more to her already piled-up pains. To add more to the miseries of the family, Sofia’s irritability – being a contagious attitude by its nature – gets easily transferred to other family members.

Be incharge of your household

All she needs to do is to control the activities as per her preferences to manage the academics, diet, sleep, and patterns of healthy recreational activities for her family without disturbing her work schedule.

Being aware of the association of eating disorders as well as compromised mental health with uncontrolled screentime is no more a myth as empirical studies demonstrate the gravity of the situation. This deteriorating routine of her family members is something she needs to put a full stop on.

Beam of hope in all the chaos

To her good luck, she comes across an ad demonstrating ThingzFirewall as a rescue to her aggravating problem.

Exploring ThingzFirewall further, Sofia inquired about all her concerns and got convinced that this solution was quite closer to her needs of the day. She could gain the remote control to manage the use of home Internet with a single tap on the mobile app. Moreover, she could get the switch controls of Adblocking and Safe search. Effectively, she was able to filter the content in line with her personal preferences.

On her quest to learn more

Digging down its details further, Sofia figured out that ThingzFirewall had a solution to her long-awaited issue of unlimited screen time. The children were accustomed to spending their time with gaming, gambling, entertainment, education/learning, and social media. Her ability to monitor the timings could empower her enough to maintain a healthy dialogue with her children and bring them all to a win-win agreement. Delightfully, some other features could provide her home network with a level of protection beyond her expectations. ThingzFirewall promised to perform detection of a new device in your home network, which means that she could nip the evil in its bud. In other words, intruders will be sighted as soon as they interfere with your family zone.

Device profiling, being another great tool to monitor any outlier behavior of the connected devices, works to train your firewall by enabling it to record the routine activities of your trusted devices. In other words, you have made the firewall learn the normal behaviour of this device. During the profiling process, a list of the accessed IP addresses was recorded and a track of downloaded and uploaded data packets were performed – all internally and seamlessly.

How does it actually work?

The obvious question comes to your mind: how this profiled device is going to make me safe from unethical intrusions? Keep reading and you’ll get to know the answer.

Suppose, a malicious user/hacker attempts to hijack your smart device for their purposes (by guessing the vendor-specific credentials which work for most of the time) and sends/receives data to an unknown IP i.e. their server, it gets detected immediately and can easily be blocked. This unknown IP is a new entry and flagged as an intruder because it was not recorded during the profiling duration and marked as safe. Thanks to the device profiling feature. It works like a charm to protect your smart devices against possible intrusions into your network through these backdoors. Some examples of such smart devices include surveillance cameras, TV boxes, smartwatches, baby monitors etc. So far so good. However, like a majority of other customers, Sofia has a mindset to receive the maximum value against the money she’ll spend.

Are there any alternatives even more promising?

So she wants to evaluate ThingzFirewall against other similar solutions available in the market.

After her detailed evaluation of other firewall products available in the market, she’s finally convinced that ThingzFirewall is all that she must own, to get rid of the bulk of issues she has been facing for a long. Other well-known firewalls were able to provide only a subset of the features offered by ThingzFirewall.

Sofia finally placed the order to purchase ThingzFirewall. Although, she’s hopeful to say goodbye to her struggles in managing life. At the same time, she’s a bit skeptical too as certain questions come across her mind. After all, these are all marketing slogans. The product was received and it’s no sweat installation was so delightful.

Silver Bullet found

Delight with her decision to purchase ThingzFirewall, Sofia is capable of practising her preferences.

A new study from UBC researchers finds that teens, especially girls, have better mental health when they spend more time taking part in extracurricular activities, like sports and art, and less time in front of screens.

A happy household going aligned with the preferences i.e. a well-defined routine of using the internet, study schedule, physical activities, sleeping habits etc. Find below the summary of her achievements as a successful customer.

Reports & alerts

ThingzFirewall provides you the daily, weekly & monthly reports of internet activity and keeps you up to date with the latest trends and threats.

Manage social sites

Grant limited access to the selected platforms e.g., Instagram and Facebook, and/or block the entire internet.

Regulate games & apps

To control the games addiction issues, you can set your preferred boundaries or simply them entirely, depending on the need.

Manage study, play and sleep time

ThingzFirewall will allow you to manage study, play, and sleep time. You can set social media access off during study hours, block 18+ access and turn off the whole internet on bedtime.

This is all Sofia was missing before she found this solution. Get yours now.

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