Our role

Being a cybersecurity company our role is to make this world a better place for IoT devices. Because the machine is a machine it can be trapped in many ways so we are here to research and find out all possible ways to fight these threats.

Like everything, cyber threats are also evolving. So, we have a team of cyber superheroes. These heroes work day and night to fight with these villains. We are creating an impact in society that makes everyone feel safe from cyber attacks. From awareness to solutions at every step ThingzEye is here for you to provide the best cybersecurity solutions.

How do we fight cyber threats?

ThingzEye, make sure that your device is compliant with the standard rules and regulations. Our automated tool will conduct deep compliance testing and provide any irregularities with a complete recommendation report.

In Compliance Testing, our IoT Audit Tool provides compliance for single and network devices. We follow the OWASP, GSMA, and IoTSF guidelines for compliance testing of IoT main components (Hardware, Firmware, Web, Network, and Communication) to identify the security configuration issues.

We are Independent

ThingzEye has no strings attached with any government or country. Indeed we work with so many organizations but Our policies are 100% clear. Our diverse range of security solutions is for everyone.

Our fight against cyber threats is free from any outside pressure. Our mission is to make this world secure from all types of cyber threats. That’s why we are working for next-generation cybersecurity Independently. We believe in no mercy for cyber threats.


ThingzEye is providing 360 degree Security solutions to their customers regardless of their purpose or origin. Our expert can help analyze your security requirements and device solutions. Our mission is to create awareness in technical 

and non-technical people which can be helpful for the next generation. Modern times need more innovation in every field of life but every innovation comes up with some new threats which can be dangerous.

Transparency is becoming one of the main issues nowadays. Because people don’t know much about cybersecurity. So we are on a mission to create cyber awareness and teaching the teams to become literate about cyber hygiene. Which makes them realize how the company’s policies should be clarified. We have 100 % clear policies which ensure data protection at every end. Because customer privacy is our priority.

Who we are?

ThingzEye is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies. Hundreds of highly qualified experts work for and with ThingzEye. Our next-generation cybersecurity solutions are replacing the traditional cybersecurity solutions. .

We provide 360-degree security solutions for IoT Networks.

“ThingzEye is committed to secure every device connected to the Internet no matter it’s a small health band or a server. Our mission is to make cybersecurity simple yet powerful, user-friendly, affordable, and scalable for adoption in smart home to large enterprise networks.”

Dr. Ghalib A. Shah, Founder of ThingzEye

What is GDPR?

General data protection regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. it also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.