360° Security Solution For Your IoT Application
Our experts can help analyze your security requirements and devise solution.
Find risks of your IoT devices through our ThingzAnalyzer - a trusted security solution to diagnose risks of IoT device.
Protect now through our IoT next generation ThingzFirewall.
Our penetration testing tool brings you the right knowledge to ensure your IoT network's security.

We Offer IoT Security Support That Your Application Needs.

Secure your Innovations by our security solutions and services

IoT Applications Security.

Thingzeye provides IoT security solution by using its static and dynamic iot vulnerabilities scan during application development life cycle.
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Next-Generation IoT Firewall.

Thingzeye offers IoT Firewall (Thingzfirewall) as a network-level security gateway by incorporation of the most advanced threat prevention practices.
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IoT device security Auditing.

ThingzEye has designed and developed the products to audit the IoT devices and their networks including the security pertaining to the IoT hardware, firmware as well read more....

Standard Security Framework For IoT

A standard compliant security architecture for providing stability and secure communication among IoT devices. read more....

Penetration Testing

With the focus on internal as well as an external assessment of your system, our team of experts provides penetration testing tailored according to your needs. read more....


We offer a technical hands-on security training on IoT devices including its hardware, firmware and application interfaces. We will provide an in-depth knowledge of how hackers read more....

IoT Auditing


Automatic vulnerability capturing not compliant with OWASP, IoT-SF, GSMA

Vulnerability Assessment:

Blend of static & dynamic analysis for identifying a wide variety of vulnerabilities

IoT Pentesting:

Leaders in manual and automatic IoT penetration testing using state-of-the-art tools

Application Security Assessment:

Top assessment techniques employing with extensive reverse engineering skills


Powerful IoT-Threat Protection
IoT-Firewall has robust and powerful threat detection engine provides an excellent support to protect the IoT devices from cyber-attacks using threat Intelligence and machine learning techniques.
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IoT Protocols Support
IoT protocols have distinct features as compared to the traditional protocols. Henceforth, IoT-Firewall includes the support of IoT protocols like MQTT, CoAP, HTTP etc. to monitor the IoT traffic systematically.
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Fast Performance
IoT-Firewall accomplish optimized detection engine with multi-threading support which makes it to work faster even for the large networks.
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Malicious Traffic Filtering
IoT-Firewall has powerful threat detection engine which detects the malicious traffic based upon the latest and optimized ruleset.
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DDoS Attack Detection and Mitigation
DDoS attack is the most common attack on IoT network. IoT-Firewall has well engineered machine learning-based attack detection engine which can detect the DDoS attack on IoT network proficiently.
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Report and Alert Generation
IoT-Firewall has a user-friendly interface (GUI) that generates alerts & reports and displays the valuable features like real-time statistics of IoT traffic, network resource utilization, bandwidth utilization etc. which are very useful for network administrators.
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OneM2M ​ Framework for IoT

Standard IoT Application Development

Developing IoT application (Smart Home/Building, Smart Irrigation etc.) in compliance with oneM2M standard.

Security Support

Multiple built-in security support for communication in compliance with one M2M Security Framework.

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