Our Services are comprised of expert engineers who are available globally to implement, integrate, and operate customers’ security fabric solutions for resilient connectivity and cyber risk management. Our expert IoT team at Thingz Eye  can provide the following services to our valuable clients.

  1. Application Development: It consist of application development for Real-Time with multi-tasking, multi-processing and scheduling. We have the expertise of working on different embedded operating system.
  2. Embedded Architectures: We have workforce available specially for ARM, MPC and MIPS architecture based embedded devices.
  3. Developing Device Drivers: The experience of device drivers and porting for specific architecture has been our focus from past few years. We have worked on development and integration of drivers for various interfaces such as UART, SPI, I2C and USB to Serial.                                    

Firmware Audit Services

Firmware is the core of any embedded device whether it is IoT or any other embedded systems device. At IoT security lab, we have experts which can perform firmware analysis of IoT devices. Our firmware audit tool is an online service and available 24/7 for firmware security tests. 

User can sign in to our online audit service and see the detailed report of the audit of the device or firmware as shown in the right pane. First screen shows the summary of vulnerabilities found in different components of the firmware along with their severity level. We provide a complete security analysis echo-system  which,involves various functions:

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