Securing IoT Devices Static and Dynamic Firmware

Vulnerability Analysis

In the intricate landscape of embedded systems, firmware serves as the heartbeat of IoT devices. Safeguarding this core is pivotal, and our IoT Security Lab stands ready with a suite of services designed for both Static and Dynamic Firmware Vulnerability Analysis. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools such as ThingzAnalyzer,Our expert hardware analysis skills, we offer a holistic approach to fortify IoT devices against potential threats.

ThingzAnalyzer: Your Gateway to Firmware Security

ThingzAnalyzer, our advanced firmware analysis tool, is conveniently accessible online. Users can perform comprehensive firmware scans free of charge by signing in to our online Analyzer service.

User-Friendly Interface:

Navigate through the detailed audit reports effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. The first screen provides a concise summary of vulnerabilities across different firmware components, categorizing them by severity level.

Dynamic Analysis with ThingzAnalyzer Box:

For a more hands-on approach, our ThingzAnalyzer Box complements the online tool, allowing users to conduct dynamic firmware analysis, even in the absence of physical device access.

Static Firmware Vulnerability Analysis:

Service Overview:

Utilizing our proprietary audit tool, we perform static analysis by extracting firmware and pinpointing key vulnerable components, including binaries and 3rd-party libraries susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Key Features:

NVD Alignment:

  • Our static analysis tool aligns with the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Detailed Vulnerability Report:

  • Receive a comprehensive report with a detailed vulnerability analysis of your device firmware, empowering you with actionable insights.

Recommendations and Proofs-of-Concept:

  • Beyond identification, our analysis provides practical recommendations and proofs-of-concept, guiding device vendors in fortifying firmware security.

Dynamic Firmware Vulnerability Analysis:

Service Overview:

In scenarios where physical access to the device is restricted, our dynamic analysis service focuses on identifying run-time vulnerabilities in firmware. Our IoT security experts conduct an in-depth examination of communication traffic, system calls of binaries, and more.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis:

  • Explore the behavior of communication traffic, system calls, and more, even without physical device access.

Detailed Analysis Report:

  • Receive a complete report detailing dynamic aspects of firmware security, enabling informed decision-making and proactive threat mitigation.

Elevate Your Firmware Security with Expert Guidance:

Our IoT Security Lab combines cutting-edge tools, hardware analysis proficiency, and adherence to industry standards. Sign up for a free firmware scan on ThingzAnalyzer or reach out to our expert team for personalized assistance. Secure your IoT devices comprehensively – fortify your firmware today!