Vulnerability Assessments

To identify the security loopholes in IoT Systems

Reverse engineering

Static analysis

Dynamic analysis


Symbolic execution

IoT devices are heterogeneous in nature. The range of vulnerabilities is in IoT development life-cycle varies depending upon the type of IoT device and its application(s). Vulnerability assessment is the process during which the vulnerabilities of an IoT device are identified and ranked according to their severity level. Vulnerability assessment for IoT devices is a difficult, long and tedious task that requires a good skill set.

State of the art vulnerability assessment solution

Keeping in view the issues, we have incorporated the rich research and development experience of our team into an automated vulnerability assessment tool. Out IoT tool is able to scan Linux based IoT devices – including its hardware and firmware to identify potential vulnerabilities in every corner of the device. We use a blend of static and dynamic analysis techniques to search for hidden vulnerabilities in your IoT system.

The automated audit tool is able to realize potential threats and set of possible attacks against your IoT devices including denial of service (Dos), tampering with integrity of data on the device, spoofing, privilege escalation and information disclosure. At the same time, we also search for self-signed certificates, (vulnerable) third party libraries, backdoors and hard-coded passwords. It is as simple as uploading your firmware to the simple to follow web interface and a detailed report will be provided to you depending upon your selected scanning methodology. You can even discuss the issues with our team who is always available to assist you with any of your security concerns.