Standard IoT
Application Development

IoT is in trend and with the growing number of devices in IoT networks the fundamental challenge that arises, is the interoperability. Interoperability of IoT devices means that devices of different vendors can communicate with each other despite the heterogeneity of data produced by these devices.

In this aspect, we at Thingz Eye are providing standardized IoT platform and Application. Our support lies in providing customized standard solutions AikM2M, in compliance with OneM2M standardization.

Our technical expertise involves in providing cross customization at multiple layers. At Application Layer we provide support for multiple communication protocols including HTPP, MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP and XMPP.  At Transport Layer we specify protocols including TCP/IP with and without TLS for high end devices and UDP with and without DTLS for constrained Sensor Nodes. The application data between devices can be serialized using JSON, XML and CBOR formats.  

We provide services in the following domains: Smart Home, Smart Buildings, Smart City, Irrigation, HealthCare and Smart Location based Parking Solutions.