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We are providing training for students and IT professionals from beginner to advance level to strength the knowledge of Internet of things (IoT) security. Training covers theoretical as well as the practical aspect of IoT security. The course starts from the basics and dives deep into the real-world penetration testing scenarios. The pace of the course is designed to ensure good learning environment and interactive sessions. The training is divided into three modules and covers the securing of Hardware, firmware, communications, web application and software applications which are essential parts of the IoT devices. The training content is provided and can be seen hereunder.

Module 1

Training contents:

  1. Introduction to IoT penetration testing
  2. IoT threat modeling
  3. Analyzing hardware
  4. Hardware reconnaissance techniques
  5. Analyzing wireless interfaces
  6. UART exploitation and pin identification
  7. Interacting with the device
  8. Retrieving and extracting firmware
  9. Firmware reverse engineering and exploitation
  10. Analyzing firmware and file system
  11. Emulating a firmware
  12. Backdooring a firmware

Module 2

Training contents:

  1. Mobile application exploitation
  2. Reversing mobile application
  3. Digging deep in the mobile app
  4. Network-Base exploitation
  5. Network Recon
  6. Network Service Exploitation
  7. Web application exploitation
  8. Exploiting the command injection
  9. Exploiting XSS
  10. Exploiting CSRF
  11. Post Exploitation                 

Module 3

Training contents:

  1. Exploiting Local Binaries
  2. Communication protocol exploitation
  3. MQTT Recon
  4. Exploiting MQTT protocol
  5. Secure coding best practices   
  6. Securing firmware
  7. Securing hardware
  8. Securing mobile application